Welcome to Subterra’s quarterly recap and introduction to our monthly blog, meant to keep you in the loop about all things geothermal heating and cooling in North America. “Terraforum” will launch in March and will cover everything from geo-exchange systems 101 to addressing pain points in the building development industry, to profiles about our talented team and clients.

Our blogs will also dig into region-specific topics and news to highlight economic incentives, partner projects, and ways to achieve your sustainability goals with our geothermal offerings.

We’re kicking off with our introductory video. Stay tuned for more.

Electrifying Buildings w, Geothermal Heating & Cooling - Green Buildings. Blue Skies.

We opened the quarter by announcing our breakthrough performance in 2023, with a 386% increase in revenue over the previous year. Additionally, we anticipate a further 40% increase in revenue in 2024 as the clean energy movement towards geothermal increases across North America with reduced costs and policy support from governments. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 45% of the electricity generated in the U.S. in 2030 is projected to come from clean energy renewables. Subterra is well-capitalized and equipped with the largest drilling fleet across the continent with over 70 state-of the-art mobile rigs - demonstrating execution readiness. Read our press release here.

With the decarbonization movement gaining traction across North America, governments at the municipal, state/provincial, and federal levels are further incentivizing the building industry to adopt sustainable practices to electrify buildings. Our Chief Revenue Officer Kareem Mirza is frequently asked to participate in thought leadership forums, making the case for transitioning from fossil-fuel powered systems to geothermal as more states and regions adopt electrification. Kareem has also been instrumental in rolling out Subterra’s Energy as a Service Offering - a low-cost and hassle-free option for installing a proven geothermal system within our utility model.


Campus Conversions

Statement from Scott Jones, SVP, Construction & Development, Subterra Renewables

Drilling into the Facts

Green Buildings. Blue Skies.


Canada’s Enercare Signs Milestone Agreement

Subterra Renewables x Enercare