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The geothermal exchange system delivered under Subterra’s proprietary Energy-as-a-Service model.

Securing tomorrow.

An intangible quality surrounds these homes. It cannot be touched or even seen, but it draws people in. And then, they feel it all around. A distinct atmosphere. Clear like Earthshine, you glow too.


Aura self-regulates its environment, transforming each building into its own ecosystem. Independent of market flux, the system maintains autonomous power. Everything finds equilibrium in the new Net-Zero. Full circle.



True Temperature Hold

A sensation for the senses, heating and cooling, programmed to the exact degree.

Low Fixed Cost

Monthly resident rates protect against fluctuating, conventional energy prices. Guaranteed.



No Cost
No Carbon
No Critical Delay

Eliminate upfront capital costs and embed the system before site excavation begins. Invite residents into a self-contained sphere that’ll stop only when they reach the end of a circle.


Property Managers

Automated Control
IoT Enabled Hardware

State-of-the-art technology actively manages system operations and building temperature, with web-enabled sensors optimizing flow rate and conditions in real time.

Up to
Greater Efficiency

Up to
Mechanical PH Net Saleable Area

Up to
Reduction in GHG Emissions


Static buildings are now sentient. Each optimizes a lived experience to enhance the human condition. Synchronicity. Advanced technology that lives as we do, so when we breathe, the earth does too.

Subterra designs custom geothermal exchange systems based on the unique type, usage and thermal requirements of each building. It can stand alone or be incorporated in a district system. Scale comes built in.

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Universal application makes Aura compatible with every smart home thermostat on the market. There is no contest.

Sustainable Intelligence.
One Glance.
Design Forward.
Looped In.

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Energy as a Service. Installation of the complete geothermal exchange system at no upfront cost.

Joint Ownership

Jointly own a complete geothermal system, partnering with a skilled utility manager for ongoing operations, maintenance and reporting.

System Acquisition

We actively look to obtain existing and operating geothermal exchange assets.

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Nature will come to life and life will power on because today Sustainable Intelligence has built the future, and it begins with Aura, the everlasting source of Earth’s true power.

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