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Thermal Connectivity.
Powering communities without carbon.
Protecting residents from price surges.

This organic, elegant shape is found as much in nature as it is in society, a symbol of continuity, symmetry and the quality of being whole. Earth’s power courses underneath, but it’s purposefully gentle when you see it. A distinct presence glowing softly in your home.

All at once, you find yourself in the comfort zone.

Deep Breath

Pure air, clean and fresh, all year long. High breathability gives it a therapeutic trait, a rejuvenating quality that vitalises the senses.

X Ties

The versatile technology links to any smart system currently on the market. We aren’t just plugging into another socket. We’re connecting to knowledge far greater.

In Cognito

The system is built to last more than a hundred years. Once installed and with Subterra overseeing, it needs little maintenance and asks for no attention.

Eco Logic

The next generation of sustainable living stands on this autonomy, wellbeing and togetherness. For your residents, their families, and our future.


Stretch the space. Have room to breathe.

Aura has been designed, engineered and installed using the least amount of energy and equipment. And still, it does what other systems are incapable of. Increase livable space, increase water and cost savings, and increase value. Aura is so much more than the sum of its parts.


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