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Design so precise, it’s always in season.

Ground loops circulate fluid that either absorbs or dissipates heat into the ground. In winter, heat is extracted from the Earth to generate warm air for the building. The flow reverses come summer, transferring heat from the building to the ground loops to cycle cool air. Each day of every season is an experience in symmetry and circadian rhythm.

The Loop.

Highly reliable and deeply successful, the
Loop is how Aura introduces itself to Earth.

Predictable by Nature

Exact operating parameters reduce risk and instill certainty. Experience that mimics the natural world. Performance at its finest.

Simple and Seamless

The Loop can be engineered to any length, eliminating the need for expendable parts and providing only the essential. 50+ year warranty.

Self Contained

With fewer moving parts and equipment easily sourced, Aura combines low cost and low maintenance. Rest assured.

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